The Lost Week

March 19, Patzcuaro, Mexico

We left Oaxaca and took two days to get to Taxco. On the way, we saw the world’s largest church in the the smallest town. Well maybe not literally, but it is a hugh church and a very, very small town.

Taxco is an old silver town built on the side of a mountain. Once the mines were played out, Taxco became known for its silver artisanship. We were fasciniated by the roads — narrow, steep, winding, cobblestoned, and sometimes two-way! The locals know how to manage them. Everyone else, keep clear!

From there, we headed the back way, through some fascinating canyons then up over some mountains. We arrived in Patzcuaro, intending to stay for just one night. But I felt lousy in the morning, running a fever with sore throat. After a few days of this, I finally went to a doctor. The antibiotic he prescribed knocked the fever and sore throat, but it made me so dizzy and lightheaded that I could barely cross the street by myself, let alone ride my motorcycle. So, we’ve stayed until this is all cleared up. I’m hoping to ride tomorrow. This is a delightful town, but it’s the longest we’ve stayed anywhere, and I missed most of it!

The biggest church in the smallest town, Yanhuitlan

Our “street” in Taxco

Two way road in Taxco

Two-way road in Taxco in action

The main church in Taxco

Another view of the main church, Taxco

Market time, Taxco

Market time, Taxco

The zocalo (main square) at night, Taxco

More street scenes, Taxco

Canyon country leaving Taxco

Huge thistles in the mountains

Two toned walls omnipresent in Patzcuaro

The “Old Man Dance” in Patzcuaro

(“After I finish my orange juice, can I crawl back in bed?”


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3 Responses to The Lost Week

  1. Melissa says:

    That “two way road” doesn’t look like it can handle much action….how do you know who goes “first”?


  2. Anonymous says:

    We enjoy your’s and Tom’s web site very much, keep up the great work.


  3. Did you make it to David Panama? We get a lot of motorcycles here due to our great, secure parking and proximity to the costa rican border bambu hostel in david panama is a favorite for backpackers, i guess the pool and free breakfast are two of the reasons!


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