Back in Baja

(written in Los Angeles, April 13)

We’ve spent a lot of time on the Baja California peninsula, so it was really nice to be back on familiar territory. And camping, in some of our favorite secluded beaches. Sorry for the gap in blog posts, but I was busy relaxing out of range of the internet.

Semana Santa is the week before Easter, and it is an incredibly busy time in Baja. It seems than every family takes off and heads to the beach. We were a little concerned about working around this, but all it takes for seclusion is about five miles of rough dirt road. Or just head into the desert, away from the coast.

We visited some friends, ate lots of shrimp tacos, and just relaxed on some beaches, far from traffic, noise, exhaust fumes, and, unfortunately, cold beer.

Here are some pictures:

Not a bad beach bungalow!

Working our way to camp. The mudflats still held our tire tracks from November.

Still life with tiny shells

This was our home for only one night, despite the beautiful sandy beach.

It’s a harsh land for ranching…

… and for broken down vehicle.

Riding on the beach was on nice firm sand, but getting off the beach was a bit tricky.

The road across salt flats on the Pacific side

Rather than get soaked with the Pacific fog, we camped inland a few miles

A shell beach on the Pacific

Sand road across the desert

Tiny jelly jewels

Relaxing on one of our “secret” beaches

Exploring the mud flat

More shell collection

Tom avoided running over the snake, and it stayed around long enough to be photographed.

Big sky

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